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Enterprise brief introduction

Enterprise brief introduction

Hunan Xuanye Ecological Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established in August 2013 in accordance with the spirit of "going global" of Hunan enterprises promoted by Hunan Provincial Government. The registered capital of the company is RMB 50 million, with USD 60 million approved overseas investment. The company is mainly engaged in planting, acquisition, processing and sales of grains and other economic crops, as well as investment in agricultural projects, agricultural technology development and so on. Adhering to the concept of "green, health, sharing and developing" and the principle of “ensuring people to afford safe food, the company advocates the integration of modern agriculture and nature, so as to develop green and pollution-free modern agricultural industry.
Xuanye (Laos) Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2014. Over the past four years, the company has smoothed the way for Laos’s rice to be exported to China by establishing quality standards, initially formed an industrial chain of breeding, planting, processing, storage, logistics and trading, and rewrote the history of Laos’s rice zero export to China. The Land Lao series of brand created by the company for agricultural products have become the "national gift" in Laos's foreign exchanges and delicacy on the tables of Chinese people. The company has built a good image of Chinese enterprises in the local area, and has been listed as the key supported Chinese-funded enterprises by Laos government, becoming the first rice exporter of Laos in China.
At present, the company has successfully gathered a group of powerful enterprises to enter the agricultural industry field of Laos to work side by side under the development philosophy of "going global", and it will continue to do so; as a result, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises can connect and cooperate with each other through complementarities, and practice "the Belt and Road" spirit in the field of agricultural cooperation between China and Laos.
In the future, the company will make every effort to deepen international cooperation, continue to promote the development of ecological agriculture as its own responsibility, expand overseas business, and speed up the pace of "going global" and "bringing back", thus fostering  an indestructible community with a shared future between China and Laos.