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Laos food production base project

Laos food production base project

Laos Food Production Base Project was constructed by Xuanye (Laos) Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Planting Department of Laos Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Department of Agriculture and Forestry of Shawannaji Province. From the signing of the agreement of 2,000 hectares of rice industrialization production demonstration base in 2014 to the signing of the Protocol on Requirements for Inspection and Quarantine of Laos Rice Exported to China in January 2015, to the establishment of the planting production base of Laos rice exported to China, and then to January 2016 when Laos rice was officially exported to China, the project has trained agricultural talents for Laos, promoted the production technology and employment rate of Laos, and enhanced national economic income of Laos, which promoted the development of agricultural industrialization in Laos, realized the export of Laos rice to China and fostered the economic and trade cooperation between China and Laos.
The project adopts the cooperative production mode: While Laos’s peasant households provide land and labor, the company provides capital, technology and market repurchase channels. Through the implementation and promotion of the quality standard of Laos rice exported to China, it has been supported and recognized by Laos governments at all levels and local peasant households, making "China standard" the benchmark of high quality rice in Laos. The project has facilitated the export of Laos rice to China by building a complete industrial chain from breeding, planting, processing, storage, logistics and trading in Laos, , thus breaking the history of "zero export" of Laos rice to China, and sending the original and delicious ecological Laos rice "hidden in the boudoir" on the tables of the Chinese people. Honored to be the "national gift" during Lao's foreign exchanges, the LAND LAO series of original ecological agricultural products brand created by the company has been awarded the certification of "green planting agricultural products" by Laos Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.