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Positions Available

Secretary of Chairman (1 person)

Secretary of Chairman (1 person)

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for daily schedule arrangement and coordination for the chairman, the appointment of visiting guests and reception of important guests, and business accompanying.
2. Assist the chairman in drafting comprehensive documents such as letters, reports and materials etc., and be responsible for the processing and filing of relevant documents, information, calls and letters.
3. Responsible for assisting the chairman to hold various meetings and drafting the meeting minutes and notices etc.
4. Responsible for managing the company's website.
5. Responsible for completing the declaration of important government projects.
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the chairman.
Finance Manager (1 person)

Finance Manager (1 person)

Job responsibilities
1. Organize and prepare the financial plan and the company's annual budget according to the company's annual business plan
2. Establish and improve the financial management system, and conduct overall control over the daily management, annual budget and fund operation of the financial department.
3. Monitor and forecast cash flow accurately, and determine and monitor the reasonable structure of the company's liabilities and capital.
4. Preside over the preparation of financial statements and final accounts, hold business analysis meetings and provide timely and effective financial analysis for company decision-making.
5. Organize tax planning, study and apply tax policies, standardize tax schemes and select reasonable tax treatment schemes.
6. Provide suggestions and decision-making support for major investment, financing and other business activities of the company, and participate in risk assessment, guidance, tracking and control.
7. Establish and maintain good relations with relevant government departments such as finance, taxation, banking, securities and other relevant intermediaries such as accounting firms.
8. Complete the self-examination of enterprise income tax final settlement and payment.
9. Complete other tasks assigned by the company leaders.
Chief of Office (1 person)

Chief of Office (1 person)

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for personnel management of the company.
2. Responsible for conference and reception management of the company.
3. Responsible for documents and archives management of the company.
4. Responsible for seal management of the company.
5. Responsible for logistic support of the company.
6. Responsible for supervising the execution of relevant company’s management rules.
7. Responsible for organization and planning of activities inside and outside the company and other outreach work.
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
Office clerk (1 person)

Office clerk (1 person)

Job responsibilities
1. Responsible for daily reception work of the company.
2. Responsible for assisting in documents and archives management.
3. Responsible for assisting administrative and logistical support work of the company.
4. Responsible for assisting online product sales.
5. Responsible for updating official website of the company.
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the company leaders.