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Message from the chairman

Message from the chairman

As a Hunan enterprise, private enterprise and agricultural enterprise, Xuanye come to Laos for seeking development. We focus on agriculture to expand our opening, take root in the local region for mutual benefit and win-win results and share opportunities by long-term planning. Inspired by the wisdom of the "the Belt and Road", under the support of the government at all levels and influenced by Hunan enterprises’ spirit of daring to start, fight and strive, in a short span of a few years, Xuanye has grown from a fledgling enterprise into a carrier and pioneer in realizing the dreams of both China and Laos. We deeply feel the glorious mission and great responsibility.
Practical actions make great achievements and dreams ignite passion. Xuanye is a team that loves to dream, dares to dream and has the courage and the ability to realize the dreams. Since entering Laos in 2014, Xuyanye has embarked on a practical road with openness and inclusiveness as the background, sincere cooperation as the life and mutual benefit as the goal. In the course of developing green agriculture in Laos, passion, sweat and wisdom of Xuanye people are condensed and enterprise dreams, industry dreams and national dreams are formed one after another.
To be honest, it is difficult to develop agriculture overseas. Despite repeated failed attempts, we still have firm ideals, beliefs and patriotism with the care of our government and support of our partner in our heart. Along the way, we adhere to the fundamental conviction "to make each grain of rice with faith", which is synonymous with the beliefs shared by the leaders of China and Laos to build an indestructible community with a shared future between the two countries. 
Opportunities and challenges coexist; glory and dreams shine together! Xuanye always rises to the challenge and forges ahead with honor. Thanks to the support and care of all sectors of society, we can be a firm, strong and persistent dream-pursuer.  Without fear of wind and rain, we are eager to work with all partners having common dreams, together with Xuanye, to grow and prosper, inherit the spirit of the Silk Road, and become the "sharer of Chinese technology, promoter of Chinese standards, and practitioner of Chinese quality". Let us fly our ideals and create a brand-new future.